Scott Clapp

Kristi Gange, Stampede Reporter

 English teacher Scott Clapp said that this is becoming a common contest within his students’ minds.

                “Technology is so prolific that it’s hard to compete with it,” he said.

                Clapp has been a teaching at CMR for 15 years, and in addition to teaching English 7-8 and AP English, he had the opportunity to teach Video Games as Literature, which is a new course this year.

                Because the focus of so many students is centered on technology, teachers have begun to incorporate it into their classes.

                “Human nature hasn’t changed; the distractions have,” Clapp said.

The goal is to incorporate technology into courses in order to relate them back to literature, which is essential for the students to be learning.  

 “If [technology] is a tool and not a crutch, then I don’t have a problem with it,” he said. “But when my students seek the shortcut, that’s when I have a problem.”

                 In the end, Clapp says there are three key things that his students need to learn.  These skills include being able to read critically for understanding, thinking critically, and the ability to be creative.

                “Those are the types of skills that should never die,” Clapp said.