Dennis Mora

Known to most as a high school history teacher, Dennis Mora also serves in the Army Guard and enjoys boating and hunting with his family.

 Mora started teaching in 2003 at East Middle school before he went on his first tour in Iraq in 2004-2005.

“It was adventurous to say the least,” he said of his first tour.

He knew since he was a child that he wanted to be in the Army.

“I wanted to be an Army man, either that or a cop,” Mora said.

When he is not overseas, Mora is a CMR history teacher, a career he started in 2005.

In class his students are reading “ The Enlightment,” which features the philosopher John Locke, a character that Mora finds particularly interesting.

“He basically created the foundation of our democracy,” he said of Locke.

 Mora has a lake house on Seeley Lake, where he spends time with his wife and three kids.

One funny story Mora shares is when he was at Seeley Lake hunting with his two boys and they were crossing a creek. His youngest son pushed him in, and he said he spent the rest of the day hunting in wet clothes.