Anderson challenged, motivated by students

Ryan Schlosser

After teaching for 17 years, Julie Anderson still finds the career to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

“[It] is very rewarding to see so many neat kids in so many different ways,” Anderson said.

She said that students make her laugh, and she admits that kids are very challenging and motivational.

In addition to her work in CMR’s special education department,  Anderson has been the assistant coach of the swimming team for the past eight years.

“I was a swimmer on the Gus; Guppies for 14 years,” Anderson said.

In her 17 years at C.M. Russell High School, Anderson said one moment in her classroom stands out from all others.

“There are many funny things that happened to me,” Anderson said. For example, Anderson described a time when a television that was on a stand got stuck on an extension cord. That made the television fall over and almost hit a student. Four male teachers came inside the classroom, she said, and Associate Principal Susan Quinn called from the office to find out what the loud bang was.

With her teaching experience under her belt, there is one piece of advice Anderson offers to all Rustlers.

“Never give up on your dreams because dreams come true.”