Buley embarks on Cuban journey


Julia Segebarth, staff writer

Deprived yet beautiful. Friendly yet restricted. Humid yet lively. All are words to describe Cuba, where Spanish teacher Sara Buley had the time of her life.

 “My favorite part was getting to know different Cuban people and their music,” Buley said.

 In fact, Cuba is a renowned place for its music and she did not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to go to jazz clubs.

 From August 4-15, Buley volunteered to go to Cuba for a program allowing educators to visit different countries. She learned many political, historical, and technological differences between the United States and Cuba.

 A new place really opens her eyes to the world around her and how people should appreciate what they have, Buley said.

Something that attracted her attention was an art piece at a colonial time art museum that presents a rattan basket, shaped as Cuba, hanging on the ceiling named “Our Cage.” It represents Cuba as a prison because many have died trying to escape.

 As a Spanish teacher, Buley said she has many opportunities to travel to different places which really helps her educate students not only in culture but in history. In fact, she said that she discovered many new historical facts about Cuba.

 “There were even pirates at one time.”