Hands on experience


Photo by unknown

Brandi Aguirre, staff writer

If there’s one thing that teacher Danielle Stark wants, it is for her students to have a hands-on experience.

And in culinary arts class, this means scrambling eggs, mixing up cookie dough and creating dinner entrees.

She’s been a Culinary Arts teacher for 12 years, and an Interior Design teacher for four.  Stark said the best part about teaching those subjects is the kids have fun and learn different skills. She teaches life skills and things that many people use for careers, she said. Her classes allow students to be creative — even if no paper or pencil is really needed.

When it came to choosing a career, Stark knew she wanted to do something meaningful.

 “I really believe in kids,” she said. According to Stark, her relationship with her students just depends on their behavior. Stark said she loves kids and thinks she has the best students.