Cyrus and Bieber, too much?

From Hoedown Throw down to Twerking at the VMAs, kid star Miley Cyrus has taken a dive off the deep end.

Cyrus didn’t want to be forever known as a child star. Her career was ending due to her age, so she “reinvented” herself. Not in a good way.

During the 2013 VMA’s, Cyrus shocked millions with her risqué dancing, her inappropriate attire, and use of a foam finger as a sexual prop. Not to mention her already outlandish appearance with her new hairdo.

Her new music video features nudity and her making out with various hardware tools. She is leading most people to wish for the days of old when she was Hannah Montana and had “the best of both worlds”.

Before Cyrus lost control, pop star Justin Bieber was slowly turning into the stereotypical monster star. Bieber was spitting on loyal and dedicated fans, then laughing about it. He also led the paparazzi on a high speed chase through neighborhoods.

His look is that of a wannabe hoodlum gangster. He has the typical saggy pants of no good neighborhood children. He also sports flat-billed hats with his hood pulled half-way up his head.

Bieber is now banned from several countries for his outlandish behavior. He has left his “beloved” pet monkey with German officials who confiscated it because he refuses to get the proper paperwork for it.

These young pop stars can’t seem to take the stress of the limelight and when they crack, they defy the logic of the norm.