Author Richelle Mead offers new perspective of vampire “reputation”

Ever since Twilight came to the big screen vampires have gotten a bad rap. This is not the case for Richelle Mead, author of the “Vampire Academy” and “Bloodlines” series which has moved the vampire reputation from bad to incredible.

With her newest installment “The Fiery Heart” in her “Bloodlines” series, Mead never fails to impress.

I have loved her books ever since I opened to the first chapter of “Vampire Academy.” This six book series quickly ended and I couldn’t wait for her to start “Bloodlines.”

The “Bloodlines” series still involves the two lovable characters Rose and Dimitri from “Vampire Academy” but focuses more on the spirit using Moroi Adrian, and the alchemist Sydney.

“The Fiery Heart” is the fourth book in the series and has definitely turned things around. Adrian and Sydney must hide their forbidden love from the alchemists who threaten to destroy her, but when Sydney’s younger alchemist sister Zoey joins her things become all the more difficult. Sydney must hide her love, her friendship with the other vampires, and her magic use.

In this gripping novel though, all good things most come to an end, and in the closing chapter Sydney is found out and taken by the alchemists who send her to reeducation.

I eagerly await Meads fifth installment and highly recommend that if you haven’t started this series, to do so.