Stampede staff member finds new ways to discover popular website Youtube

A lot of teenagers get bored, so they use the internet for entertainment. While more often than not, internet surfing consists of Facebook and funny pictures, something worthwhile yet forgotten looms that holds a more worthwhile and educational value

What I’m referring to are YouTube documentaries. YouTube is a staple in our society, but not many people use it to its full potential. While most YouTube traffic is short videos, it’s chock-full of full length amateur and full length feature films and documentaries.

One of my favorite YouTube film documentaries is a film produced by Juan Rayos entitled “Endless Roads.” The documentary features Spain’s top female longboarders as well as a few Americans as they drive in a vintage Volkswagen van across the country of Spain, stopping anywhere they would like to skate.

While most of the films interviews are in Spanish with English subtitles, any viewer interested in skating will find the film fascinating because of the great landscape in which the girls travel and skate.