Lights Camera Action

Video productions is a great way to get a message across the school.


“I signed up for video productions because I get to do news reports and let the school know what is happening,” freshman Ethan Slaughter said.


“I first thought video productions was going to be us starting a Youtube channel. I like editing videos.” freshman Lance Houle explains.


Video productions is a great way to get hands on and a chance to work with great people.


Houle said his favorite part about video productions is “the fact that I get to work with great people and show others my talents.”


“Although filming and editing takes lots of time to do it is my favorite part of video productions” Slaughter said.


“It’s a big deal making a film that the whole school will see and nerve wracking as well”

Slaughter says “I get nervous when the announcements come on because you are being viewed by the whole school and when you edit a film wrong the entire student body will see it.”


Video productions is a fun and great way to get a message to the entire student body.

Houle said he would recommend this class to anyone who enjoys making videos and learning new things.