Obscure Movies

Outside the journalism classroom sits a blue couch. Seven students and one teacher were asked to sit on that couch and talk about their favorite obscure movies. These potentially unheard of movies are brought to you by the members of the CMR newspaper staff.

*Warning: each is accompanied by a sarcastic, silly, humorous, or happy warning. Proceed with caution.*


Ian Kaiser

Across the Universe


If you enjoy fun musicals that feature songs that you already know, this movie might be something that you want to check out. According to Kaiser, it is a movie that you can watch over and over again and still find something new.


This quirky musical follows a group of people as they go through their lives. It was released in the early 2000’s and uses what we might now consider interesting special effects.


“I think that it’s so cute that they took the names of Beatles songs and gave them to characters,” Kaiser said.


This movie is now Kaiser’s favorite, and it could be yours too! It can be found online, by VHS tape, or on DVD.


**Warning: this film could probably trigger a seizure.**


Clara McClain

The City of Lost Children


This ethereal movie tells the sinister story of a scientist who kidnaps children and steals their innocence so he can dream again.


“It’s creepy without being scary,” McClain said.


Due to the film being made in France, McClain says it’s quite different than what you might be used to watching.


“It’s a different look on the world. It isn’t like the gorey American movies.”


**Warning: don’t watch unless you are fluent in French or you love reading subtitles.**


Carli Dieruf

Rat Race


If you are into movies that are going to make you laugh, this might be something for you to watch. This story is about a group of people who gamble at a hotel and end up on a scavenger hunt to find a million dollars.


“When I watch it, I laugh like every three minutes,” Dieruf said.


While some comedies are not OK for the family to enjoy together, Dieruf says that this is good, wholesome, family fun. The only major bad thing that it encourages is lying, which of course should never be suggested.


**Warning: it teaches you why you don’t touch a heart for transplant. Just don’t do it. It’s a bad idea.**


Beth Britton

Rear Window


With all the new crime shows and murder mysteries on television, it is hard to find a good original story in that genre to watch. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “Rear Window” is one that people who enjoy mysteries should watch.


The film follows a photographer who broke his leg and all of the things he sees when he has no access to the outside world except the things he views out of his window. One of the things that Britton said made her like the movie was the subtlety of all of it.


“It’s not bloody, it’s not gory. It’s just a psychological thriller,” Britton said.


Despite not being as well known as “Psycho,”  this Hitchcock film is not any less worth watching.


**Warning: you will fall in love with Grace Kelly no matter who you are.**


Quincy Schmechel



If you are into romance movies that are more than meets the eye this is one you might enjoy. An untraditional story that displays the story of a couple who fall in and out of love. Schmechel describes it as an almost John Green stylized movie.


The beauty to the story is the originality. While most love stories are cookie cuttered and cliche this is a take on realistic love.


“It’s two human beings. They’re fickle. They’re irritating, and they’re flawed,” Schmechel said.


On top of the unusual story, the ending is something that will put you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.


**Warning: this might hit home if you’re extremely egotistical or if you hate cliff hangers**


Andrew Aron

The Words


If you were a big fan of the movie “Inception”, this might be a movie for you. This drama follows an author who is having problems writing. When he goes to a store he finds a manuscript and publishes it as his own.


His problems aren’t solved there though. The author of the stolen work shows up and makes the published man feel guilty about stealing the work. This story doesn’t have a typical ending. The twist is something worth hanging on for.


“It’s a really deep and complex story,” Aron said.


If you are looking for a quick thing to watch this also could be right up your alley. The runtime is only 40 minutes. If you are a person into fast paced movies that you don’t have to pay attention to, this may not be something for you.


**Warning: be prepared to just sit down and think and be ready to expect the unexpected.**


Christina Brennan

Christopher and His Kind


These days, personal growth movies are wildly popular, but this may be one that you haven’t heard of. It tells the tale of a homosexual man who moves to Germany during WWII.


If you are a fan of “Doctor Who” than you may be excited to know that Matt Smith plays the lead.


“It shows culture and it shows diversity and it shows what it’s like to live during the war but not be at war,” Brennan said.


Brennan watched this originally due to a friends suggestion and watched it on the popular movie site Netflix. Since then, the film has been removed but you can still find it on YouTube.


“It breaks my heart. It does. But it’s such a good movie,” Brennan said.


**Warning: Home is not always where you are born but might be where your family is.**


Clara McClain feat. Christina Brennan

The Way He Looks


When an interview about a movie starts with “Don’t let the subtitles make you think it sucks,” you know it is going to be good. This movie is about a blind kid and his world.


When you start to watch it, you think it will go in an entirely different direction. By the end it may leave you frantically squealing and in a puddle of emotions on the floor.


This unorthodox love story will help you remember why you ever liked love stories in the first place. If you are squeamish about homosexuality however, you may not want to look into watching this picture.


The best scene according to the interviewees is the explanation of the solar eclipse. When you think about most love stories they include the opinion of how the characters think the other person looks. This story shows how explanations (like the eclipse) are different for a blind individual in the couple.


“It’s [all] about who he is as a person on the inside,” Brennan said.
**Warning: Gay people. You think he’s straight (throws a curve ball).**