Student controls his own free time

Julia Gremaux, Photo Editor

Eyes focused, controllers in both of his hands, senior Augustus “Gus” Gunter battles villians in the media center. Of course these villains aren’t checking out library books but are in front of him on his nintendo switch. “Usually I like to hangout with friends after school so this is a  quick way to fill time,” Gunter said.

Every non-homework day Gunter plays his video game during 7th period. He enjoys the quiet safe guard of the media center. On most Fridays his friends join together and have a Mario Kart tournament. Gunter usually fills the second place spot in the tournaments’ rankings, as his fellow senior and competitor Matthew Mickolio usually steals first place. This friendly competition Gunter says is a fun time for everyone.

Gunter’s days of playing after school paid off when he got third in the most recent Super Smash Bros tournament.