“Gravity Falls” wins a place in people’s memories


Photo by Stampede

Alyssia Carbajal, Introduction to Journalism student

  In fifth or sixth grade, freshmen Melissa Norman and Sierra Liesch saw a title of a show that seemed interesting.They didn’t know what they got into.

  “Gravity Falls” was a show that aired on June 15, 2012 and ended Feb 15, 2016 .

Dipper and Mabel are 12-year-old twins that go to the Grunkle Stan’s mystery shack for the summer.

  It looks like boring summer for Dipper, until he came across a journal in the forest while putting up signs for his Grunkle Stan shack. Fueled by curiosity, he reads and finds out the sleepy town and its surroundings aren’t as dull.

  Norman found this show on Hulu and decided to give it a look. She has watched the show multiple times, and her favorite character is Bill Cipher.

  “He’s not a typical villain, [and] he looks like a nacho,” Norman said.

  Her favorite episode is “Dreamscaperers”. Dipper, Mabel and Soos must journey into Grunkle Stan’s mind. They must stop Gideon, Stan’s rival from getting a passcode to a saff. He hires Bill to go find it, but as they are in his mind they see parts of his life.

  Liesch watched the show on TV. She liked it because it was funny and had mystery. Mable is her favorite character because she was funny, Mable wears a different sweater every day and is very random.

 Her favorite episode was the first one, “Tourist Trapped”.

  After Dipper got the journal and read about the creatures and objects, he came upon the message Trust no one.