Senior prepares to be blind for upcoming play

Austin McIntosh, Staff Writer

For four years, Emma Tovson has been working towards her time in the spotlight, and this year it finally paid off.

“I’ve been in drama for four years” Tovson said. The senior is playing the lead role of Susy Hendrix in CMR’s premiere production of “Wait Until Dark”. The play is about a blind woman who gets into interesting mischief alongside her husband.

“It’s all been leading up to this,” Tovson said. Preparing for the role took a lot of research.

“They were planning to set me up with somebody at the deaf and blind school and get real life experience on what it’s like to be blind,” she said.

Tovson and the drama department want her to portray someone who is blind as accurately as possible. She wants to talk to someone who is blind and see what they go through, and what they’ve been through to live a normal life.

Tovson expressed how much she likes the play, saying that at first she was a little nervous about it.

“I wasn’t too sure, but then I read it and watched the movie and it’s actually really interesting and I’m excited to do it.”