Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

The leaves are changing to orange, yellow, and red

The time is shifting giving you and extra hour in bed

Winds are blowing giving off a cool breeze

Bundle up or else you will freeze!

During the fall season there is a holiday you should know

Not a day about presents, not a day about snow

But a day about giving thanks to all whom you know

This is a day that is worth living

This wonderful day is called Thanksgiving

This is a day you eat till you’re full

Mashed potatoes, turkey, and a cranberry bowl

Don’t forget about the macaroni and cheese

Stuffing and corn a meal that will please

After your meal this holiday is not done

There is a special day tomorrow that will bring out the most fun

It’s filled with buying sweet deals to yell “Yay!”

This fun activity is called Black Friday

You get to wait outside in the cold

Then after a couple hours they finally let you go

Don’t worry about thinking of grabbing a cart

Just run, run, run, and get a head start

Push and shove to get your way

Don’t worry about the others, they’ll be OK

Grab you items and get ready to pay

Stand in line forever it’ll feel like all day!

Once you get home after getting all that you need

Don’t worry about dinner because there’s still turkey

This is a day that is worth living

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!