A Haiku about senioritis:

what even is life

outside of this brick prison.

Ask around, no one knows.

look around and see

blank eyes pass by between class.

smile through the day

just get through this one last week.

that’s it, one more month.

It’s so close I can taste it!

“prioritize me!”

“I’m the most important of all!”

“No I am, Back off!”

Classes fight for attention.

Kicking and Yelling

But I can’t hear them anymore,

I cannot see them.

All I see… Graduation.

Caps, gowns, and freedom.

“Please, Just set me free,” I shout.

no one hears me,

Because I am still stuck here,

in this brick prison,

Where late nights are too common.

Where coffee saves lives.

And where anxiety

is well known to all.

but soon I’ll be out of here.

district assessments

will be a thing of the past,

no longer will I

ask for permission to pee,

and the sun will shine

as I live life drama free.

But as I mentioned,

who knows what life is like

outside of this place.

Positivity is key,

and hey, remember,

Just one hundred forty days,

twenty three hours and

forty five seconds til

our sentence is up.