McGraw settles in as sixth CMR principal


Principal Jamie McGraw

Kerrigan Edwards, Editor in Chief

Although she’s not a stranger to C. M. Russell High School, newly appointed Principal Jamie McGraw is making strides in the Rustler community. 

McGraw is focusing this school year on relationship building and is working to create a happy and healthy environment that allows both students and teachers to feel welcomed daily. By implementing relationship building into daily lessons and meetings, McGraw said she is hoping to see changes in how people treat each other at CMR, to “come out of this with appreciation for each other.”

However, the task of running a school is no easy, and it has been a stressful experience for McGraw to get used to.

“Sometimes in a job you just have a barrage of bad things happen in a day,” said McGraw, who also has taught English and worked as an associate principal at CMR.

In an attempt to make decisions that will benefit the school, McGraw has been faced with backlash but asks for understanding.

“A lot of times you get information from people that you can’t share about why you make a decision so you just have to stand in front and say, ‘I’m making this decision’ and you take the blame when really, there is all this backstory,” she said.

Although her job is difficult, McGraw said she is happy with what she has put into the school so far.

“I love the work that I do, and I love this place.”