International Education Week sparks creativity, unity in students


Photo by Picasa

Every year, one week in November is known as International Education Week. During this week, there is an extreme focus on education and cultural unity. In Great Falls, foreign exchange students use this week to give presentations about their homes in all of their classes. One particular foreign exchange student who is taking part is C.M. Russell junior Asad Khattak.

Khattak, a Pakistani native, is currently in the first half of his study abroad that has brought him to Great Falls. Last week, Khattak gave several presentations to different groups of people.

“I did my presentations in all of my class periods, then I also presented for my church youth group,” Khattak said.

Although it won’t be during International Education Week, Khattak has intentions to also talk to elementary school students about Pakistan.

During his presentations, Khattak discussed all elements of his culture. Topics included food, dress, sports, music, and religion.

According to Khattak, it’s “not just presentations, you can also make food or show your native clothes.” That being said, Khattak plans to bring Pakistani foods in, such as a dish called Biryani, which consists of fried rice, meats, and spices.

Although Khattak used last week to teach others, it’s something that he would like to continue doing for the rest of his stay in America.

I’m supposed to teach all year, but this week specifically. It’s something I want to do. I want to educate, I want you to learn things about me, and I want to know about America,” he said.

The way Khattak sees it, his presentations will continue to inform, even when he’s done.

“If I talk to one guy, he’ll tell people about it, and they’ll talk to others. It makes a chain. It creates a big audience.”