Student, staff prepare for much-anticipated dodge ball tournament

C. M. Russell’s junior student government has learned that there are unsuccessful ways to fundraise and good ways to fundraise.

Example of an unsuccessful way: MORP 2013. Example of a good way: give students an opportunity to throw dodge balls at their teachers.

This winter, the group of student leaders from the junior class is putting on CMR’s second annual dodge ball tournament, to be help on Jan. 23 after school.

Karlee Simonson, the president of junior class and main organizer said of the tournament, “It helps us with buying homecoming supplies for next year and for prom.”

According to Simonson, the tournament will be made up of games that are not to exceed seven minutes. If neither team has won after that time, the team with the most remaining players is the winner. In the case of an even number of players from each team, a sudden-death round, similar to that from the famous movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, will take place to determine a winner.

Simonson also said that teams will be made of eight players, with at least three boys and three girls on each team.

The incentive for winning the tournament,  which charges an entry fee of $16 per team, is the opportunity to play against the yet-to-be-determined team of super staff during the February Cross Town pep assembly, Simonson said.

Courteney Shovlin, a sophomore who will be captaining team Operation Fiscal Jackhammer, said she is excited to play in the tournament and added, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball, and my team can do both.”

Teams can sign up to play in the tournament until Jan. 17, with the matchup between teachers and students taking place during the pep assembly the week of Feb. 10.