Not your typical school absence


The reasoning for a child’s success is usually based upon the teaching that they received while growing up. In a room known for its friendly atmosphere and comfort, and where some are more comfortable being themselves, there is one thing missing: the teacher who makes all of that happen.
Amanda Ferderer, sophomore health and P.E. teacher, has been on maternity leave since late February. Ferderer gave birth to a boy named Kruz on Feb. 25 at 8:03 p.m.
“She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy,” Lindsey Gustafson said. Gustafson is also a health and P.E. teacher.
“It’s so different without her. I really miss her. She’s my bud,” Gustafson said. 2014-2015 will mark two pregnancies within the health department at CMR. Gustafson also is expecting a child and will be going on maternity leave around the time that Ferderer will return.
“This will be six months of us not teaching together. That’s a long stretch,” Gustafson said.
She is not the only one who is missing the company of Ferderer. Sophomore students Samantha Payne and Alex Storrusten miss their teacher.
“She’s definitely more interactive than any other teacher I’ve had,” Payne said.
Currently they are learning about the nervous system and also the endocrine system, but both students agree that it would be far more interesting to have Ferderer there to help them understand things better.
“She has a great way of teaching. Things make more sense. It’s more fun,” Storrusten said.
Ferderer is known for being more hands-on while she teaches. She has had her students make projects that include constructing models of brains, cells, and other body systems. Most come to her with positive feedback and enjoy the hands-on experience that she offers.
“We really miss Ferd,” Payne said. “We hope she’s doing well.”
Ferderer is due back sometime in May, if things go as planned. Gustafson is eager to return back to the normal routine of teaching with her friend.
“She impacts so many lives every day, and that’s why everyone misses her so much,” she said.