Solero Flamenco visits CMR

Foreign language classes were entranced by traditional flamenco dance group, Solero Flamenco, on Tues. Mar. 17.
Solero Flamenco is comprised of a singer, a guitarist, box percussion, and most visually, a dancer.
Irma La Paloma, the well versed singer of the group, explained flamenco’s Andalucian and gypsy influences.
“During the Inquisition, people of non-Christian belief were ousted,” La Paloma said. “Some fled in the wilderness.”
Those who fled would tell their “happiness and woes through song,” she added. From there, dances and instruments were pulled into the forming tradition creating flamenco.
La Paloma said that flamenco runs through her blood.
“I personally enjoy that it’s part of my heritage,” La Paloma said. “I get to paint a canvas, tell a different story everytime.”
Guitarist Jeremias Garcia said that he enjoys the spontaneity of the style.
“I played classical guitar,” he said. “It’s nice to not play the same thing. I love the improvisational act.”
Percussionist Chris Howard echoed Garcia and dancer Solangel Lali Calix followed suit.
“I love listening to the singing, guitar, percussion,” Lali Calix said, “being able to get into the music.”
The group is set to perform on Friday Mar. 20. At Heritage Hall at Great Falls College-MSU.
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