Active 4-H member becomes agriculture student teacher

Being about 870 miles away from home may seem a little nerve wracking, but when it’s for a future job it turns into something exciting. Student teacher Lindsey Wilson will be graduating from MSU Bozeman this spring in Agricultural Education.
“I wanted to do something with animals,” Wilson said. “I didn’t want to be a vet, so I figured Ag. was the best fit.”
Wilson grew up in Oregon City, Ore. Her favorite subject is animal sciences, and horses were a big part in her life growing up.
“Being part of 4-H and my family friend’s horses is what made be so interested in them,” Wilson said.
She participated in Mustang training competitions, which entail training a yearling for 98 days over a summer. This as well as being a part of 4-H and seeing her friends in agriculture was what persuaded her into this field.
“My friends and family friends are what helped me get involved,” she said. “I was kind of jealous of what they did in Ag that I wanted to take part, too.”
Wilson has made multiple visits to other schools, but she said she really hopes that her experience here will help her learn more about FFA since it wasn’t available back home. As Wilson helps out agriculture teacher Jodi Koterba, she gets a feeling of how independent the classes are.
“Most of the time the students are on their own,” Wilson said. “We sometimes have a lesson plan planned out, but the students just work on their own.”
Towards the end of her stay, Wilson will get the opportunity to take over Koterba’s class and teach the kids herself.
“I help with grading and a little bit of teaching right now,” Wilson said. “By the end of it, I get to take over, and I’m excited it will be a great experience.”
After Wilson is done with college she plans on teaching at the high school level.
“I want to teach High School Ag. I really like it here, but there are a lot of opportunities back home,” Wilson said. “I haven’t decided where I’m going yet.”
Wilson will be with the CMR staff until April 20tand she hopes her experience will keep her learning.
“The experience is the best,” she said. “In college they teach you what you need to know, and it’s different when you’re actually here in person.”