Freshmen experience firsts throughout the school year


With the year ending it’s easy to reflect on our favorite memories. From Aug. 26 – June 8 a lot has happened.

“The year ending was my favorite part,” said John Cislo, a freshman history teacher. Jokingly, he remarked he was kidding.

“Getting to know the new group of kids is always fun,” he said more seriously. There are frustrating parts, but it isn’t all too bad. Sometimes, at least.

Yet, for the freshman, their favorites pertained to Prom and Homecoming. Joey Ferguson, enjoyed getting out of her comfort zone. Being welcomed to the school spirit C. M. Russell High School has to offer.

“It was very fun, and thrilling,” she said about Prom. Getting to dress up and be apart of the atmosphere.

With the year coming to an end many people are reflecting about 2016-17 school year. We bid farewell to our seniors and the year as a whole.