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  • Lifetouch Picture Day - Sept. 6

  • Labor Day - Sept. 3

  • First Day of School - Aug. 29

The end of the school year is not the end of activities at CMR

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Life at Charlie M. Russell high school doesn’t end after June 8th, surprisingly enough. Throughout the summer, sports camps, weightlifting, summer running, drivers ed, and summer music camps run through CMR. There are many opportunities to still participate in school even during the summer break. And, if you have questions, visit the CMR website for answers.

  • June 12-15: Coach Cislo Basketball Camp
  • June 12-August 10 CMR Summer Lifting
  • June 19 Sac CPR Training
  • June 19-22 Green and Gold Girls’ Basketball
  • June 22 FFA Chapter Meeting
  • June 22 Summer Leadership Meeting #1
  • June 30 Steve Olson Orchestra
  • July 4 Patriot Marching Band in Fourth of July parade
  • July 6 Driver’s Ed Second Session begins
  • July 5-6 CMR Virtual Academy Midterm
  • July 10-August 30 Cross Country Summer Running
  • July 10-13 Boys Basketball Camp
  • July 17-21 Football Camp
  • July 20 FFA Chapter Meeting
  • July 21-August 8 Redoing the gym floor
  • August 7 New Teacher Training
  • August 8 CMR Staff CPR Training
  • August 11 Cheer Spirit-A-Thon
  • August 14 Cheer Practice starts
  • August 16 Summer Leadership Meeting #2
  • August 26 1967 Class Tour
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The end of the school year is not the end of activities at CMR