End of semester indicates start of busy season in CMR records department

Quincy Schmechel and Breanna Hyatt

Though this is only the second year Mary Breuer has worked for CMR’s records department, she’s hit the ground running as first semester comes to a close. Breuer originally worked in the attendance office, but switched to records last year for a change of scenery.

January is often a busy time for Breuer — as she is charged with the responsibility of managing records such as transcripts and student files — and many seniors are requesting transcripts from first semester to send to the schools and scholarships they are applying to.

“It all kind of hits at once,” Breuer said. “I have to write report cards, and then I have second mailings that I have to send out. Then I have to do transcripts. [I have] seniors coming down because they need transcripts for scholarships or to apply for different colleges. Some students will need [up to] six to 10 transcripts.”

Breuer says that with her heavy workload, it’s important that she has time to complete what students ask of her. The best thing they can do to help lighten her load?

“Write down addresses,” she said. “There are so many different addresses out there. With colleges [having so many different offices], you [might not] know that.”

Breuer says that going from attendance to her position as a registrar has been a welcome change.

“I guess I just needed a change,” she said. “So now I don’t work with students. I work with paperwork.”

She says that although her work isn’t easier in the records department, she enjoys the few kids she does get to meet.

“I really do like it back here. I get to meet the seniors and that’s mostly who I deal with. They’re nice to me.”