Sophomores aspire to join Leadership High School

On May 8, sophomores entered the library anxious for their interviews. The students had already filled out an application and now had to answer questions on their leadership skills.

“Applying was pretty easy actually as long as you sat down and got it done. You just had to sit down and write a paper and fill out a few boxes,” junior Jason Ingalls said. “The interview was really short. It was two or three questions was all, and the person was really nice which was good.”

Ingalls is a graduating member of Leadership High School, a club used to teach juniors how to develop and use their leadership skills in the community.

“I’ve always valued leadership a lot and wanted to improve that the best I could,” he said. “[My expectations] were superseded. It was a great year. I really grew up a lot in there and looking back at who I was the night of orientation to the night of graduation I was a totally different person.”

“I’ve always valued leadership a lot and wanted to improve that the best I could.”

— Jason Ingalls

The sophomores of the 2017-2018 year were able to apply recently, and are now waiting for the results.

“The results should be out either next week or the following week, [which is] the week of May 20 and those will be mailed to the students from the Chamber of Commerce,” the club’s school advisor Jamie Williams said. Her main role as the advisor is to supervise during events and help with planning at the monthly meetings.

“It’s such a great group of kids. I think it will be a great program, there are kids that are a lot more involved in a lot of different activities and so I think they will get a great benefit from the program and [I am] just looking forward to working with those youths.”