EDITORIAL: Too Young & Not Prescribed

NOTE: A member of the Introduction to Journalism class wrote this editorial as a class assignment. Editorials are not signed.

There is a drug problem in our schools in Great Falls. There are so many students who have tried, or regularly use drugs. It is so common, and some students would be surprised about the number of their peers who partake in drug use.
There are a variety of drugs filling our schools. Vaping is definitely the most prevalent. We have seen students vaping in school. You can find girls JUULing in the bathroom or someone in class vaping and blowing the smoke into their sweatshirt. It is everywhere. If you go on Snapchat, you can see people posting stuff about vaping. They use Snapchat to buy and sell vapes and juul pods. Some people also post videos of them doing vape tricks.
We have even seen middle schoolers posting these things. They are trying to be “cool” and act older. Kids are starting to participate in drug use at younger ages.
Another problem in our schools is marijuana.  This drug is  controversial, but it is legal here in Montana for medical purposes. Here at CMR, we have witnessed drug deals during school hours.
Prescription drugs are less common than vapes or marijuana, but it is still is a problem. Adderall is one of these prescription drugs. It is designed to treat people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Adderall is also known as “the study drug.” It helps students concentrate, sometimes those who choose to abuse this drug are the students who do well in school.
We think that more education on weed and prescription drugs in school could help decrease the number of students that try them. Drug use in our schools has become normalized.
That needs to change.