Battle cries from across the river

The rivalry between the Rustlers and Bison has been going for years. Yet every year, I see it at its worst when it comes to crosstown.

The school came up with a smart idea to reduce the fighting during the games, which is to put the Pep Band in the middle of the two student sections. Being in Pep Band myself, I have to stand by the Great Falls High student section at basketball games.

Usually the two student sections are good about keeping the arguing down to a minimum. Although, the crosstown boys varsity basketball game would disagree. Both schools are expected to show respect to the other school, no matter who’s winning or losing.

I witnessed both student sections calling each other names back and forth, as well as the competitive chants that happen at almost every crosstown game. Yes it’s fun to be competitive and try to prove to the other school that they aren’t superior. I have gotten used to hearing all the bad-mouthing and rude things back and forth that I started to brush it off and ignore it.

I was pushed to my limit at the game this past Thursday. Things were said that shouldn’t have been said, and the rivalry was at its peak. The only thing that needs to and will be said is that both schools need to be more respectful towards not only the other students, but also the athletes.

Yes I know, it’s so difficult to be nice and respectful to people who always try to act better than you, but you have to be the better person in the situation. It will be good in the long run. I’m not saying “don’t stoop down to their level” because the GFH students aren’t here to defend themselves. Moral of the story is to be classy. Let’s all work as a student body to have and maintain a good reputation.