EDITORIAL: Preparing for life beyond high school

Imagine it’s your last day of high school. Your high school education is over and you’re off to college. You know what you want to major in, but did you take the right classes and get the credits you need?

It’s that time of year. Members of the class of 2014 are preparing for the rest of their lives. In one, two, or three years time, you could be in this situation. Soon enough you’ll be a senior helping freshmen find their classes, or signing up for senior project. High school isn’t just social hour, or a big chunk of your day spent in one building; it’s a learning opportunity. It’s your chance to find out what you want to do with your life, whether you want to go to college or not. There’s a wide variety of classes you can take (required or not) to keep you on the right track to your future.

We at The Stampede believe that students should take classes that will benefit them in the future. There are truly classes out there for everyone’s taste. People don’t joke around when they say that high school flies by; it really does. Throughout your high school education, you’re expected to maitain decent grades, help out at home, get a job to earn your own money, and know what you want to do after high school.

“What do you want to do after high school?” “What college are you going to?” are the most common questions we get asked.

One of the few things we can do to prepare for our senior year is take the right classes. Taking a class that you don’t like or isn’t in your interest is not the way to go. Take classes that interest you — that you would be excited to go to everyday. College is right around the corner, and before you know it, you’re already graduated from high school. Find the motivation to push yourself to do your best and succeed. High school is not the time to procrastinate and slack off.

Your goal (hopefully) is to walk out of this school having gone here for four years, earned at least 23 credits, made new friends, talked to old friends, and have toned your legs from going up and down three flights of stairs. High school goes by so quickly; you have to make quick decisions and make the right choices.