Post-profane world

We live in a post taboo America, and our vocabulary is our vocabulary.
It seems that some previous generations have a problem with our increasingly lax tongues which have no problem with profanity. And that raises the question: why?
Is it because these words are considered evil? They’re as evil as any other word.
Is it because these words have more power over us? They’re as powerful as any other word.
Is it because these words are distracting? Well they can be.
Society has made obscenities not fit in with our normal vernacular because of some of the previous reasons. Because they have a time. Because they have a place.
An old folks home is not the place, a middle school is not the place. Is a senior class the place?
It might be. There should be no barrier beyond pure obscenity and a person should not be devalued due to their use of “ugly words.”
These words are as powerful as we make them, and they have slowly been losing it because of their use in pop culture.
America is beyond taboos these days.