EDITORIAL: Students deciding their future

It’s election season, Rustlers, and the Stampede is a little concerned.
While the spotlight is firmly centered on the presidential election–and rightfully so–there are many other races going on in our community that are important to vote for. Tuesday, for example, was the last day to vote for or against the school bond proposal of $98.8 million. Editor’s note: The Stampede went to press Tuesday night before the results were released.
The bond may only affect Great Falls and its public schools, but this election year Montana also has gubernatorial and Supreme Court candidates vying for a spot. Can you name the two individuals who are campaigning for governor? Incumbent Steve Bullock and businessman Greg Gianforte have spent months battling for the position. The Supreme Court hopefuls are District Judge Dirk Sandefur, attorney Eric Mills, and law professor Kristen Juras.
The most high profile race of all, pits Republican businessman Donald Trump against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democrat. After one of three debates, the race remains tight. Throughout the race, both sides have dragged each other through the mud. Tales of e-mails, Benghazi, sexual harassment and failure to pay federal taxes have trumped the candidates’ platforms and policy.
For students who can vote, the Stampede urges you to be informed about each election. Don’t fill in the bubble for whatever party you align yourself with. Read up on each candidate’s plans and policies before making your decision. Even if you can’t vote this year, being knowledgeable about the condition of your community, state, and nation never hurt.