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Key Club’s impact on me

Kaylebb Stahmer, Staff Writer

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Volunteering. What a crazy concept. These were my thoughts on the matter for the longest time. When a friend of mine attempted to invite me into the fold of Key Club, I didn’t even know what it was, or why I would ever like doing that sort of thing.

At first I was skeptical about making a commitment to a club that would require me to constantly volunteer. Nowadays, I am glad I chose to be involved with a club like this.

I’ve met so many people through Key Club and have learned loads from all the time volunteering, and it’s helped me be more confident dealing with people on a professional level. These are skills I would not have gained otherwise, and have been very useful for me so far.

I’ve tried to recruit anyone I know, knowing that this club has a great cause and teaches their members many skills they otherwise might not have learned.

One of the most notable and enjoyable events i’ve volunteered at so far was when I got to go volunteer at a local Art Show held at a Hotel. I got to talk to so many painters who do it for a living and got a cool perspective from it.

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About the Writer
Kaylebb Stahmer, Staff Writer

Kaylebb Stahmer is a staff writer two years running for the Stampede. He is a junior and is also involved in CyberPatriots and Key Club. He has lived in Great Falls his whole life and enjoys playing bingo. All he orders when going out to eat is either plain cheeseburgers or tacos. His favorite Spotify playlist is Your Favorite Coffeehouse. It’s all he ever listens to.

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Key Club’s impact on me