EDITORIAL: Staff encourages students to diversify their education

Are you often classified as an art kid, a science geek, or even someone who is a nerd for classical literature? We at the Stampede feel that every student attending C. M. Russell High School should be given the chance to break past the mold that peers, and even adults, cast upon us.
Sure, being talented in a particular field is important when applying for a job, but it is not always beneficial to close yourself to other opportunities for personal growth. Those people who are well rounded, always attempting to try a new hobby or learn a subject, are usually those who accomplish the most.
One place that this idea is preeminent is when applying to college. Everyone always says, “Do lots of extracurriculars” or “Take different classes”, and for the most part, they are steering you in the right direction. College admissions departments will look at your grades first, and that will get you into consideration, but it is the clubs, sports, and unusual classes that you participate in during high school that will get you accepted.
Being a diversified learner is also something that will lead to personal growth. Expanding your knowledge by taking that sign language class, or giving computer coding a spot on your schedule, could make all the difference in who you choose to become. Maybe after having a positive experience trying new things, you choose to pursue that skill even further. After that, you may look into schools that have it as a degree.
The classroom, especially in high school and college, is a place to try new things. Being categorized as a “type of student” is a disadvantage to young people, as it sets them on a course to avoid new experiences, and thus takes away from all of their amazing perspective accomplishments.