Virus shutdown creates many questions


David Mitchell, Staff writer

This coronavirus thing is killing me. I think I speak for every high school student when I say that I’ve never been more bored in my life. 

Every single aspect of our lives has been changed by this virus. Every day is exactly the same: wake up, do homework, be bored because you can’t hang out with any of your friends, then go to sleep. I really don’t like doing everything at home; it just doesn’t feel right.

 I feel like we definitely could’ve prepared for this better. The fact that our government didn’t treat this thing seriously when it first broke out is a big enough problem, but we forget that the Chinese government tried to censor the guy who found the virus in the first place. 

People need to be better informed about the severity of the virus. When you had every “Karen” in the area buying as much toilet paper as possible, it was easy to tell something wasn’t clicking in people’s heads. I’m no health expert, but the immediate reaction to this disease was childish.

 I can’t relate entirely to the members of the class of 2020, but I know losing a major part of their year is difficult. For me personally, I was looking forward to the track season. I was hoping to get faster for football next year, but depending on how long this goes on, even that’s up in the air. So many of my friends throughout the United States have already had their entire year cancelled. I’m wondering if that’s something we’re going face in the near future. 

Right now there are so many questions. I’m just taking this a day at a time and hoping for the best