Flaws of the year affecting senior’s goals and routines

Shana Fronsee, Staff Writer

 If I’m being completely honest, I don’t like the fact the schools are closed, but I do understand why.  

This pandemic is scaring people because of the death-related news that is coming along with it. However, I think the government also could’ve let us go to school to see our friends even though there would’ve been more than 700 of us in the same building. 

I’m always going to have mixed feelings about this because as much as I care about my health and the health of others. I miss everyone, and I miss seeing the beautiful smiles of everyone around me. I’m glad everyone is staying safe and are working to get through this. However, we’re all going to die eventually as sad as that is, but it’s going to be when it’s our time. 

I don’t like staying in my own home for a long amount of time. I love being able to explore and be outside. I usually don’t do the outdoor activities unless I get the chance to. My plans got ruined when everything in Missoula shut down, but we were able to find some sort of alternative. 

My family and I went to the Hi Country Trading Post in Lincoln, where they make beef jerky, to get out of town for a while and get away from Great Falls, even if it only meant going halfway to our original destination. I’m slowly getting used to completing schoolwork on my own time while being aware of the due dates. 

However, I also love being able to have fun with layouts for the Stampede or being on a stage with my fellow classmates doing scenes or monologues, and being able to pretend while taking part in rehearsals for a show. I miss all of that, but I know that we’ll be able to return to that soon enough.