All I really needed to know I learned with a 30 mm lens

All I really needed to know I learned with a 30 mm lens

Photo by Pat O'Connell

Nancy Beston, Photo Editor

Anything I need to know, to love and to cherish my life, I have learned by holding a camera. I have realized that not everything is going to be perfect, but there is still beauty in everything. I also learned an abundance of other information, here are some of the beautiful discoveries I came across while holding a 30 millimeter lens:

1 – Always try to be the best that I can be.
2 – Appreciate every experience, no matter whether it is positive or negative.
3 – Be prepared for the worst.
4 – Courageous choices may lead to great things, even if it may end with someone upset with the decisions that were made.
5 – Gaining experiences and knowledge is more important than being incomparable at everything else that I try.
6 – Taking criticism is a necessary part of growing as an individual; it is important to know how listen and use it to the best of my advantage.
7 – Some circumstances are not always preferable, but I have learned it is smartest to work around them to the best of my ability.
8 – I have the greatest power, which is to cause another to smile.
9 – I need to pay attention to where I am standing and what is going on.
10 – It’s better to be over prepared for any scenario because under preparation can lead to tragic disasters, which could have been easily avoided.
11 – Keep a stash of non-messy snacks at all times.
12 – Look at the world from different angles.
13 – Magic does exist, just not in the ways most people think.
14 – Never get arrogant, because someone will always be better than me.
15 – Not everything I do is going to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that I should ever stop trying.
16 – Patience can lead to success.
17 – People are destroying the earth with toxins, and it shows in nature.
18 – People are exquisite when they are so absorbed in something that they don’t have a care in the world.
19 – People are more focused on their problems and their lives than my mistakes or what I am doing in general.
20 – People are self-conscious, and they constantly need reassurance. I have learned it is best to just go along and support them through this.
21 – Small talk is necessary in everyday life and even better if one is able to give compliments within the conversations.
22 – Small details are the most interesting, but they can also be the most forgettable.
23 – Some people are less fortunate than others.
24 – Some people don’t stop for anyone or anything, so be careful.
25 – Time is precious; enjoy every second.
26 – The world can be an awful place, but that doesn’t mean that I need to behave in the same manner as those who have a lack of respect.
27 – The weather is always going to be unpredictable.
28 – Walking places can lead to amazing discoveries, places that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

And last but not least, not everyone is going to like me and everything I do, but it is still necessary to treat everyone with respect and kindness.