Mutual Exchange


Kaylebb Stahmer, Staff Writer

I believe in mutual exchange. I believe in the golden rule.  I believe it’s ingrained into a person to act in a way that benefits them, which is what I consider mutual exchange to be. I believe kindness will be met with kindness, turning into a positive cycle anyone can benefit from. I believe in mutual exchange.

I believe in offering someone a hand up. So that when falling into troubled times, they will offer an umbrella to shield you from the rain.

I believe that when you are polite to someone, they will try their best to be polite back. I conversely believe when someone’s nice to you, it’s required to at least be polite in reply.

I believe in mutual exchange. I believe if someone ever borrows money, they have an obligation to repay their debts so they can borrow again. A profitable cycle for when one requires something but lack the means to receive it.

I believe in offering someone a slice of pizza. I believe that if someone is offered food, they will one day offer food in return.

I believe in letting a friend crash on the couch when they don’t have anywhere else to go, so they show the same kindness in return.

I believe in mutual exchange. I believe in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I believe when someone is rude, it’s only right to be rude back. Make a negative and unpleasant cycle so that they will desire to exit from it.

I believe if someone proverbially spits in your drink, it’s only right to spit in theirs. So that when they consider repeating the offense, they think twice about it knowing you’ll bite back.

I believe in only starting a conflict if they can extract benefits from the situation. To weigh your options; the possible consequences or possible rewards.

Finally, I believe in volunteering. For that feeling of euphoria you get when offering a helping hand for nothing in return. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, society can learn to do something without consideration of the possible benefit; create a cycle of positive change and imbue selflessness in society.