Get your flapjacks here!

Walking through the commons in the early morning, scents of French toast and sausage can be found wafting from Coffee Talk Café.

These scents come from the Breakfast Club, where  advisor Travis Crawford supervises his six independent study students.

“(The Breakfast Club is) set up for students to have an experience,” Crawford said.

The Breakfast Club provides students the opportunity to learn how to run a business. They discover how to manage their profits as they  gain business skills. This unique 7 a.m. class is a new addition to the business department; it was started just  last year by retired business teacher Dave Stukey.

“I told him I would take over the Breakfast Club,” Crawford said.

Crawford also manages the DECA Club, which provides the starting budget for the Breakfast Club.

Currently, the morning club does not turn a substantial profit, but Crawford said  “it’s sustaining itself.”

“It’s more for the students’ experience than it is to turn a profit,” he said.

One of the students, senior Tana Marble,  grabs drinks and runs the cash register.

She said that one of her favorite things about the club is the food they get to eat if they don’t sell it to customers.

The Breakfast Club offers a variety of foods, such as French toast, sausage, and Pop Tarts every morning.