Foreign language proves to bring new experiences to students

To Spanish teacher Lorna Nelson, language classes are hold the same weight as core classes.

“[They’re] just as important,” Nelson said.

Nelson is one of 5 foreign language teachers at C.M. Russell High School, and believes that foreign language classes are a way for students express themselves and to gain experiences with other cultures.

“Being able to communicate with others is very important,” she said.

Senior Hannah Cubbage agrees.

“[Spanish] was my gateway to new experiences,” Cubbage said.

Cubbage, is in Spanish 9-10 and hopes to minor in the language.

“I want to immerse myself in the culture.”

French teacher Erica Davis knows that students care about the people of the target country.

She believes that kids care about more than the vocabulary.

“Culture is what makes kids want to learn the language.”