Michele Canfield to return to Georgia

As the end of the year approaches, English teacher Michele Canfield is preparing to return to her home state Georgia, where she will be living in Chatsworth, about an hour from Atlanta. “That’s where my family’s from; I have roots there,” Canfield said. Canfield moved to Montana from Georgia in 2005. “I moved to Montana for a change in scenery, [and] I was growing up too fast,” she said. While at CMR, she has taught freshman honors English, Junior English, and Senior English. She taught in Choteau before moving to Great Falls. Canfield will be returning to Georgia with her husband, Mark.  She will be teaching 9th and 10th grade English. “I won’t miss the eight-month long winters, and I look forward to being close to where I grew up,” Canfield said. “I’m going to miss the snow and the wide open space.”