Deadline: The hunt for a story


As Jesse Whiteman and Tom Gruner hurriedly wander through the halls, they come to a certain realization. They are not sure what they are doing. Gruner and Whiteman are in search of sources, interviews, and pictures. They need a story.

Both boys are seniors on the CMR Stampede staff and have been told to find something to write about. They’re on deadline.

“Oh it’s horrible. I’m not getting to do any of my story ideas,” Whiteman said.

The two desperately ask anyone they see in the halls if they know of anything exciting going on, even running into Principal Dick Kloppel, who doesn’t have much to say.

As they run through the gym looking for a source, Gruner is lost.

“I have no clue what I’m doing right now,” Gruner confessed.

As the lunch bell rings, Whiteman has a great Idea. The two hurry to the media center in search of the sources for their soon to be article, the Yu-Gi-Oh club.

The two know that there is a group of kids that meets in the media center every day to look through Yu-Gi-Oh cards and do a little dueling.

As they approach it is evident that Gruner and Whiteman are a little nervous.

“It’s a little difficult. I don’t know these kids,” Whiteman said.

As they become a little more comfortable with the situation, Whiteman hurriedly writes down some questions to ask the kids, and Gruner begins taking pictures of the duel.

When it is all said and done, the two seniors have interviews and pictures, enough to write a good story.

Whiteman seemed happy with his interview.

“It was mostly off the cuff. I didn’t have much preparation time,” he confides, adding “They seem like nice people.”