Junior reels in Heisey Award

Tenacity is a word junior Jarred Nichols used to describe what his senior year at CMR will entail. He explained how in past years he has not been determined enough, leading to lower grades than he desired.

“I will be taking my classes more seriously,” Nichols said.

Despite his grades Nichols received something that only 72 kids were  privileged enough to be presented with, the Heisey Award.

“The Heisey Award was my first monetary valued award,” Nichols said.

The $150 Nichols was awarded with was put into a savings account that will go toward college, which will come soon for Nichols. He already has his future mapped out. He plans on attending Great Falls College MSU for his first two years and then he will be transferring to MSU in Bozeman.

Nichols has chosen to pursue a career in accounting. Electives he has chosen have included Personal Finance, Accounting, and Financial Tech Skills, which he thinks will really help him.

In Nichols extra time he enjoys fishing, which he thinks he will continue to do once he has graduated. Nichols has considered making fishing more than just a hobby, but he will have to see how things work out after graduating high school.

“I just like fishing for the adrenaline of catching a fish,” Nichols said.