Tanguma makes an act to ensure future

Senior Anthony Tanguma has been in the drama department since his junior year and has enjoyed every minute of it.

“I love how accepting and loving our family is. It’s a very positive and welcoming environment and that’s hard to find in a high school,” Tanguma said.

Tanguma found that drama is not only a fun hobby but also something he would like to pursue as a career.

“I’ve definitely taken a lot of skills for my life. I got accepted into American Musical Dramatic Academy, a performing art college in Los Angeles,” he said.

Tanguma is excited for his future in the performing arts but he will surely miss high school drama and everything that comes with it. “I’ll definitely miss the Evans’, all the kids in my class, getting to see them, and learning about drama,” Tanguma said.

CMR Drama has put on a number of great performances, several of them including Tanguma.

“All of them this year have been good. [My favorite I played in was] Charlie Brown. I was an understudy, but I still got to be in the play and perform. I learned how to sing and dance. My parents had never heard or seen me dance before that play,” he said.

Drama not only teaches one how to become a better actor or actress. According to Tanguma, there is so much more students can take from the department than getting into character, you learn lessons about life.

“I have learned techniques and (acting) skills, but on a whole other level I’ve learned about myself and how to find my voice. I know it sounds cheesy, but I’ve learned to be a better human being because of drama” he said.

The group of young actors and actresses make sure the drama class never has a dull moment.

“We had a whole class period dedicated to myself called ‘turn Anthony into a jerk day’. It’s basically when you had to get into a character that isn’t like yourself at all… and a jerk is not me. [That’s] probably one of my favorite memories,” he said.

Not only had Tanguma found a love for drama but a love for the people in it as well.

“I would just like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Evans for supporting me and encouraging me. They are definitely a great group of people, and I will miss them very much.”