Students gear up for finals week

Sarah Cherry, Staff Writer

Finals week: instilling fear into the hearts of some, not even bothering others. No matter what group one falls under, these dreaded semester tests seem to sneak up on students before they know it. For people like sophomore Sariah Blake, there’s nothing to sweat.


“I don’t really prepare for finals,” Blake said. “The only test I really prepare for is math.”


She mentioned that she isn’t really worried about any of her tests this year, aside from math. However, this doesn’t stop her from disliking finals week.


“I feel as if you have an A in the class and have done good, then you shouldn’t have to take them.”


On the other end of the spectrum, sophomore Maygie Li said she is worried about all but one of her tests.


“I guess I’m just an art god,” she said, jokingly. “I’m not worried about the art final.”


For Li, finals week is a source of stress. She said that she’s not sure how anyone likes it because of how much work it is.However, as stressed about her finals as she is, she admitted that she doesn’t prepare for them as much as she should.


“When I was motivated, I prepared a month in advance. Nowadays, I’m just like ‘Let’s do this!’”