Putting the Power back in Power Plant

Tyler Baker, Staff Writer

The sound of the weights slamming into the ground. The chalk all over your hands as you try for just one more rep. All of this is just a taste of Power Plant summer lifting at CMR.


“It gives you a reason to get up in the summer and get going while gaining strength and athleticism. It is fun and positive and a good way to hang out with friends. I’m very much looking forward to Power Plant this year,” freshman Cole Rearden said.


Rearden thinks this summer lifting opportunity is very beneficial. His goal is to try and get in as good of shape possible before the sports season starts. Fellow Power Plant lifter Hunter Clark’s goal is also to get in shape.


“I’m looking forward to staying active and getting stronger. I’m hoping for my strength to improve as much as I can before the football season starts,” Clark, a freshman, said.


Along with getting in shape, Power Plant also is a way to test your limits. You build up your strength throughout the summer, and afterward, you “max out”. It’s a good way to see how strong you are and helps you get a feel for where you are athletically.


Overall, Power Plant lifting over the summer is a great option to improve yourself for sports, or overall fitness.