A new twist on Elf on the Shelf

McKenzie Connell, Staff Writer

Every family has a different tradition that they hold strong to around Christmas time. The majority use the classic Elf on the Shelf.

The story is, the Elf shows up around the beginning of December, and takes notes on whether children are naughty or nice. Each day, he (or she) shows up in a new spot.

Sadly, this Elf has brought fear instead of Christmas spirit to many children. This is why my family decided to start “Kindness Elves.”

Two cute, little, handmade elves show up on your doorstep anytime during December. Then, each day they have a letter, asking the kids to do some sort of service. This helps bring the true holiday spirit. While my siblings are focused on doing kind acts to help the elves, they forget about wanting presents and instead focus on how to do the next task.

The elves are never mean, and never scold if the kids are being bad. All they do is set a good example and ask for a little help to spread Christmas cheer.

To make it more fun, they will show up in different spots around the house, but never in a creepy way.

These elves help teach the true meaning of Christmas, and can start good habits and good traditions.