My taste of sunshine

McKenzie Connell, Staff Writer


Jumping into the pool while imagining my fellow students at school slaving away was definitely a bonus to my week-long vacation. The weather change wasn’t that bad either. Going from the frigid 40’s, to the blistering 80’s led to an exciting and wet week.

Every single day I was in a swimsuit enjoying the sun. I would beg my melanin to get to work on that tan, which I couldn’t wait to show off at school. Until I got back and realized shorts and Tshirts were not back in fashion. Sadly, all I had to show was a sunburned face and new hair. And gathering my beautiful red face took a trip all the way to Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point, Mexico.

The resort was beautiful, with an ocean view right out the balcony window. Going to sleep with the sound of the waves, and waking up to the seagulls made me rethink my plan in life. Maybe a career as a beach bum wouldn’t be so bad. Even though the sand is not a great running terrain, being able to run back and forth into the ocean is an experience I will never forget. The ocean was the biggest bonus of Mexico, right next to the food.

Thanks to a big storm the night before, my Thursday was spent jumping and diving into huge waves with my cousins. While we were able to stand, my tiny little sister was pulled and pushed with the ocean’s will. The three older kids, including me, held onto her life jacket whenever the next wave came.

On the following days the waves were smaller, but the jet ski’s didn’t seem to notice. Skimming over the water at 50 mph in the Mexican Gulf was a mind blowing, memorable experience. I had my little sister and cousin attached to me for dear life as we speeded out into the ocean. Since my turning skills were sub-par, we nearly caused a collision multiple times. But we never tipped, so I technically was a great driver. The water was insanely clear as we rushed on top, but I was too worried about losing my glasses, that I didn’t look down much.

By the time we were done, I had beautiful windblown hair, salt stains on my glasses, and two terrified children attached to me.

But the food was the best, and my favorite part of the trip. At one restaurant they gave you a bucket of chicken, tortillas, rice, and beans. With those you were able to make your own taco. That was the best chicken I have had in my life. Returning home to PB and J’s was a big disappointment.

With the rush of the vacation behind me, I jump into the week, full speed ahead. Living without responsibility could only last a while, and the stress hits full force. Luckily, I have my little taste of sunshine to hold onto until next vacation.