Rustlers possess hidden talents at CMR


Photo by Sarah Sylva

C. M.Russell High School has many talented people. Many of those people share their talents with the school, making it an even better place. Jamie Williams is a librarian at CMR high school. She has been working at the high school for four years now and enjoys every minute of it. When asked how long she plans to work at the school she replied,

“Only for three more days,” Williams said.

She joked and actually says that she wants to work there for a long time. Williams favorite thing about being a librarian is helping students with technology. She helps the students with computers and how to use different programs. Williams used to work at the library at Valley View Elementary School. The students appreciate the hard work she does for the school.

Cheyenne Young is a sophomore at CMR and she loves to sing sing. She has been singing since she was little when her mom would tell her to sing at her church. Young is in Chanteur and had auditioned for the Charlie’s ladies choir. Charlie’s ladies choir is one of the top choirs for the women’s choir. Young says that she plans to sing for the rest of her high school years and plans to sing even after she graduates.

“I feel good to be in choir because it’s like a family,” Young says.

Her favorite subject is english,and enjoys other classes as well. Her favorite song she sang was her auditioning song, “All the Night Away.”

“I like that we can criticize each other and not get offended,” she said.

Singing is not the only thing that people have as a talent, photography is another skill people are good at. After being asked how long he plans to continue taking pictures of CMR, Pat O’Connell replies,

“I’m still above the ground.”

O’Connell has been taking pictures of CMR for 34 to 35 years. He says that when taking pictures, it gives him something to do and lets him see nice kids. O’Connell is a very dedicated photographer. He says that he shows up to almost all the school events being from sports to homecoming parades to the Prom. O’Connell is usually busy with taking pictures and says that his wife is very understanding with his job. He has been asked to take pictures for Great Falls High School, CMR’s rival, but has declined. Although, he has said that he has taken pictures of their sports, track and cross country. O’Connell went to school at Great Falls Central and decided to go into the photography career. He said that when he was in Vietnam he never drank or did drugs so he passed his time to buy a camera.

With all the talents from everyone in the school, it brings personality. The talents of the students bring something unique and interesting to the school.