Performing arts department gains new educator


Grace Carr, Staff Writer

Peter Wilson is a guitar and vocal teacher, and he recently moved to Great Falls.

“I taught out in Highwood for nine years,” he said.

During his time in Highwood, Wilson taught K-12 music, including the high school band and choir.

“I always like doing a lot of different things, which is why I did K-12 for a while,” he said.

Wilson has certainly noticed a difference between teaching at CMR and Highwood.  

“It’s definitely a big change coming from a high school with 25 kids in the class,” he said. “It’s a different ball game.”

However, Wilson said he has loved teaching in a bigger high school and has been enjoying his experience so far.

“It’s neat to be able to direct Russell Ayres and higher level groups,” he said.

In addition to directing the smaller top group, Wilson is currently teamed up with vocal teacher Lynn Ryan to teach Chanteur choir and Chaconne choir.

When Wilson isn’t teaching his students, you’ll find him playing his piano.

“Piano is my primary instrument,” he said. He has been playing since he was seven years old. He and his wife play Celtic music together and he plays jazz with other musicians.