Pros and cons of working in the media center

Grace Carr and Gauthier Paget

“The great room of the school” is a place where students go to accomplish assignments and finish their homework. This “great room” is more commonly known as the media center or library.

The media center offers a large variety of resources for students to use and get their school work done. It is home to three computer labs, shelves stocked with different genres of books, and seating arrangements perfect for taking a nap between classes.

But is it the best environment to get work done?

“Yes, for the most part it is generally a quiet environment,” said Cody Hassell. “There’s a lot of resources.”

Hassell is a sophomore at Charles M. Russell High School. He does his homework in the media center during his seventh period open every day. He started during his freshman year. Hassell says he tends to “get a lot of work done here.” Normally about “ninety percent” of his homework. He explained it is easier to work in the library here because he gets “distracted pretty easily at home.”

However, Hassell would not call it the perfect place to get work done, since it can get noisy and food drinks is not allowed.

The media center specialist, Terri Jones, agrees. “We have kids working in here real diligently, but it can get pretty noisy.” she said. “It’s hard for students to focus.”

The room seems to be the loudest before school when the doors open at seven in the morning. So students can study before their first period or do homework.

No matter the conditions or the reason, students from around the building will come to accomplish their work in the media center. If you can’t work at home or you are so busy, it’s probably the best place for you to work.