Biology teacher embraces summer activities and parethood

Maggie Petersen, Staff writer

High school holds many life changes in store for its students; so many, we may forget just how much happens in life after high school. Nathan Gregier, biology teacher and track coach, can tell you a thing or two about living a hectic life. Even though he has the summer months to look forward to, he is nowhere near lacking in plans.

“This summer I’m going to spend a week in the Bahamas for my honeymoon. I’m going to be running a cross country camp at Swan Lake in the end of June. I’m gonna be doing a run with some friends, where we start at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park and run up to Waterton Park in Canada, which is like a 30 – mile run,” Gregier said. The list goes on. He is a passionate outdoorsman, often making at least one backpacking trip per summer. However, it is not only the momentous moments he looks forward to, but the smaller ones as well.

“Things I look forward to [are] being able to sit outside and barbeque, being able to spend some time working in the yard,” Gregier said. He looks forward to settling down and working on projects from shed building to family bonding. After all, the school year can take a lot out of even the most driven of teachers.

“Grading papers, that’s kind of the main [stressor]. And then just trying to motivate students that I haven’t been able to really motivate throughout the year. By the end of the school year you’re kind of beat up and worn out from it,” he said. After juggling a huge curriculum change for his Bio 1-2 classes this past year, he plans to work on ironing out the kinks throughout the break.

This past school season, Gregier also experienced many life changes including health problems in the family to recently getting married. Through it all, he views the life events positively.

“Yeah, it was a good year […] I got to make some good teacher student relationships through the year,” Gregier reflects. He also had the added help of a student teacher, Mr. Hart. With the hectic year he just had, Gregier expressed how nice it was to have the team teaching experience. As the year comes to a close, he can feel satisfied with all he’s accomplished and all there is to come. Now, for the summer months, Gregier can look forward to spending time with his new family.

“[It’s] exciting, because I’m a dad now, too, and I’ve never been a dad before. She has an 8 – year – old boy and so I’m excited to be able to do dad things with my new step – son. [Like] just teach him how to do new things, you know, things he’s never done before,” Gregier said.  He has worked with kids for the past 13 to 14 years of his life. Now, he has a new adventure to anticipate, and he said he is excited. As for parenting, he’s taking a simple approach.

“If you model what a good person is like, then you’ll have good children.”